Skywalker Haze

Skywalker Haze
Original Skywalker x Amsterdam Amnesia
9 weeks
Very high
Prize Winner

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Skywalker Haze feminized cannabis seeds highlights

  • Skywalker Haze is a very potent and 'frosty' Haze hybrid with a high yield and a high THC percentage averaging between 15-20%.
  • This Sativa-dominant cannabis strain has a very potent and pungent terpene profile with mainly lemony haze tones. The buds look really beautiful, very compact and frosty!
  • Skywalker Haze is easy to grow compared to other traditional Haze varieties and has an average flowering time of 9-10 weeks before being ready for harvest.
  • The Skywalker Haze high is energetic, euphoric, upbeat and relaxed. It is a powerful high with a strong head rush but also with relaxing body effects, very suitable for both recreational and medicinal users.

Dutch Passion Skywalker was a popular strain introduced in the late 1990s. Originally, this variety was developed by crossing two classic Dutch Passion strains: Blueberry x Mazar. This Indica dominant plant with her sturdy growth pattern and fruity notes, along with a great color palette, have made this strain a go-to product for both domestic and commercial growers.

The Dutch Passion team of breeders has created a carefully selected new crossing of the classics Blueberry and Mazar. The result of this was crossed with a super potent and highly resinous elite clone of an incredibly potent Amnesia from the Amsterdam underground scene. We have given this gem the name “Amsterdam Amnesia”. The result of this (Blueberry x Mazar) x Amsterdam Amnesia cross is Skywalker Haze. Available in both this photoperiod feminized form and in autoflower form (Auto Skywalker Haze).

Skywalker Haze took the 3rd prize in the Haze Indoor category at the Homegrown Cup in December 2020. She managed to get this prestigious cannabis cup just before her official launch, which took place on January 1, 2021.

Skywalker Haze cannabinoid profile


Skywalker Haze cannabis cups

Year Cannabis cup Category
2020 Homegrown Cup Haze indoor
Third prize

Skywalker Haze is a robust and stable Sativa dominant hybrid with a high yield and an exceptionally frosty appearance with beautiful colors in the buds towards the end of bloom

Skywalker Haze is a strong and robust Sativa. These ladies often have a vigorous growth and flowering phase, develop strong branches and are usually relatively large. Skywalker Haze is a haze hybrid with a short flowering time. On average, she takes 9-10 weeks to fully mature. This is relatively fast for a haze cannabis strain. She can stretch quite a bit during the flowering phase, especially for the first 2 weeks after being put on a 12/12 light cycle in a controlled indoor grow or when the days outside start to get shorter. It is a plant that adapts easily and is not difficult to grow.

As a result, she is also very suitable for novice growers who would like to grow a Haze strain. In terms of nutritional needs, she is also not difficult to understand, she is best grown in organic conditions, but also does well on coco or even on a hydro system. Skywalker Haze is a cannabis strain with a great leaf-to-flower ratio, her buds are also quite firm and compact. This makes it easy and quick to manicure. This, combined with her high terpene and THC levels, makes her very popular with both home growers and commercial growers worldwide.

The buds of this strain are compact, hard and bursting with resin. It is recommended to work with new carbon filters when growing indoors. The flowers can smell very strong and pungent. The aroma is usually fruity and spicy, but can sometimes be very sweet. In terms of taste, this strain stands out from the crowd!

Skywalker Haze generally has a short to medium internode spacing. The branches are nicely filled with flowers. It is known that the top blooms can easily reach a length of 30-40 cm and become quite large in size. It is a Sativa-dominant plant that can grow quite tall, both indoors and outdoors. Topping/fimming her and using LST or the SCROG technique will give you some control over her height.

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, but outdoor cultivation in temperate climates or very northern or very southern regions is not recommended. Due to the longer flowering time, she can take just a little too long to mature before the weather changes and causes problems.

The genetics used for Skywalker Haze guarantee the following properties:

  • A medium to large commercial haze hybrid with a very favorable flower-to-leaf ratio.
  • Skywalker Haze is a potent cannabis strain with a powerful terpene profile, her strong aroma and taste are suitable for the real connoisseur.
  • These cannabis plants can grow relatively large. The good stretching phase in combination with the beautiful Sativa-dominant, yet compact, buds ensure a real XXL yield.

A stable, easy to grow Haze that takes on average around 9-10 weeks to fully mature and is suitable for all types of growers, even beginners.

Skywalker Haze cannabis seeds flowering time

Skywalker Haze has an average flowering time of 9 weeks. However, there will also sometimes be plants that need just a little longer and, for example, have to bloom for 10 to (max) 11 weeks to fully ripen. Especially when the climate is not optimal. Her stretching phase during flowering makes this a nice plant to grow in a SOG with a short pre-growth phase. Outdoors, Skywalker Haze can only be grown in the slightly sunnier and more arid climates.

She is not suitable for growing in the more cold/wet northern or southern regions. In the Mediterranean area, however, she will also do very well. When grown in a sunny and warm climate, this strain is at her best. At the end of the flowering phase, the plants will be packed with beautiful white buds, covered with bright orange hairs and a thick layer of resin. In areas with cold night temperatures, blue and purple hues will sometimes appear in the flowers and on the leaves.

Skywalker Haze cannabis seeds average yield

Skywalker Haze is a plant with a very large XXL yield. Her flowers can grow into very long continuous blooms up to 45-60cm long in the most favorable cases! On average she will grow long blooms of about 20-30 cm with a short to medium internode distance. This ensures that they can grow densely and therefore yield heavily. But even when that doesn't happen, the compactness of the buds adds more weight than you would imagine from such a Sativa-dominant appearance.

When the harvest time has come, you can count on a very large yield. Perfect for building a head-stash that will last you for months! Skywalker Haze can also produce very large yields in an indoor grow. A yield of 500-600g/m2 is therefore achievable. In the hands of an expert, even more is possible and you can easily exceed 600 grams. Outdoors, plants will yield a few hundred grams on average, but if grown in a very sunny and dry area, yields of 500-1000g per plant are also possible.

Skywalker Haze cannabinoid and terpene profile

Skywalker Haze guarantees high potency and yield. In addition to a very tasty terpene profile, this high-quality cannabis strain also has a high THC level. On average, this strain reaches between 15-20% THC, but phenotypes can be found well above 20%, especially when grown in perfect conditions. This strain is also available in autoflower form: Auto Skywalker Haze is currently Dutch Passion's most potent autoflower with THC levels over 25%! The latest official lab result even came to almost 27% Delta-9-THC!

Skywalker Haze has a very pungent and intense aroma! This Sativa dominant Haze hybrid has a powerful fruity aroma with notes of citrus and berries. Some phenotypes smell very strongly of lemon and herbs. Other phenotypes have slightly more earthy notes and the scent of blueberries. All in all, a very unique and diverse terpene profile. The taste is mainly on the citrus side of the spectrum, it is fresh, slightly sour and very fruity.

You notice this fruity aspect well with the 'exhale', when inhaled it can taste more spicy and haze. This strain produces beautiful buds with a Sativa appearance with the well-known foxtails, and a thick layer of trichomes. The original Skywalker genetics (Mazar x Blueberry) in combination with the Amsterdam Amnesia provides a true taste explosion.

Skywalker Haze cannabis strain effects

Skywalker Haze has a powerful effect and a long-lasting high. This high is a combination of a head high and a body stone. But the head rush is noticeably stronger than the physical effect. The high is therefore euphoric, energetic and cheerful, which is typical of the effect of a Sativa dominant cannabis plant. Due to her high THC percentage of around 20%, you can count on a strong and long-lasting effect.

This is a wonderful high that transforms over time into a relaxed and laid-back feeling. The Indica genes in this crossing provide a subtle, but significant, relaxed after-effect. It is therefore a fine strain for both medical and recreational smokers looking for a hybrid cannabis strain with a hybrid high. When you consume more of this strain, it becomes a real creeper, the high becomes very powerful, long lasting and can last all day. Ideal for when you have a day off or have nothing planned at all. Sunday chill like never before!

Expert cannabis grower tips for Skywalker Haze

Skywalker Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid Haze variety that clearly inherited a little more of the Sativa genes from her parents. The degree of stretch as well as the branch, leaf and top structure are more like that of a Sativa than an Indica. Although the buds often show foxtails, they still become quite hard and compact, not fluffy at all. Fortunately, that part of the Indica genes came along in this crossing to ensure high yields.

If you want to get the most out of this strain, we recommend using different growing techniques. Both LST, mainlining and topping/fimming can increase yields. In that case, allow for a slightly longer veg period so that the plants can recover. If you use a SCROG net, you can really take this strain to new heights. She's also easy to bend, snap and super crop, so if a plant or bloom is getting too tall, don't be afraid to manipulate this branch to create a more even foliage.

 Skywalker Haze data sheet

Feminized cannabis seeds Strain type: Feminized
Classic cannabis strain Family: Classics
Lineage Lineage: Original Skywalker x Amsterdam Amnesia
Sativa cannabis seeds Genetics: Sativa
Cannabis cup winner Cannabis cups: 1x (2020)
Grow environment Environment: Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Plant height Plant height:
Flowering time Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Plant yield Yield:
THC content THC level: Very high (15-20%)
Taste Taste: Herbal, piney, peppery, fruity
Hybrid effects Effects: Hybrid high





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