About Dutch Passion Seed Company

About Dutch Passion Seed CompanyAbout Dutch Passion Seed Company

Trusted cannabis seeds pioneers since 1987

Dutch Passion was established in Amsterdam in 1987 using the best cannabis genetics collected since the 1970’s. We have been at the forefront of cannabis seed innovation and quality ever since. With a history spanning over three decades, the team are an established force in the cannabis industry, creating the world’s first feminized cannabis seeds and pioneering autoflower seeds. The journey began with a deep-rooted passion for cannabis cultivation and an unwavering commitment to genetic excellence. This dedication has seen Dutch Passion evolve into one of the world’s top cannabis seed suppliers, trusted and revered by cultivators across the entire the world.


Years experience collecting and breeding the world's best cannabis genetics for indoor and outdoor.


Cannabis cups harvested to date, thanks to homegrown original Dutch Passion cannabis seeds.


Premium autoflowering, feminized and regular cannabis seed varieties available for sale in the USA.


Tailored customer service at your entire disposal for any questions or expert cultivation tips.

Dutch Passion’s commitment to quality and excellence is evident in the numerous accolades received over many decades. With over 90 cannabis cups, Dutch Passion stands for superior genetics, elite breeding skills and legendary old-school customer service. These awards reflect ongoing efforts to innovate and excel in the field of cannabis cultivation, creating special new strains with outstanding cannabinoid levels and unforgettable terpene profiles. The unrivalled collection of professional awards also serves as a promise to our customers in the USA: When you choose Dutch Passion, you're choosing reliable award-winning genetics that have been recognized and celebrated worldwide. 

Our mission: cannabis cup winning quality in your grow room!

Our mission: cannabis cup winning quality in your grow room!Our mission: cannabis cup winning quality in your grow room!

With decades more experience than most other seed companies, Dutch Passion remains a leading force in cannabis seed development. They were first-to-market with rare, special cannabinoids cannabis seeds rich in THCV, CBG, CBDV, etc. Dutch Passion repeat growers value the consistently high-quality results built on cannabis genetics selected for ease-of-growth as well as the final harvest quality. Dutch Passion focus on developing unique strains with unparalleled potency, flavor, and yield. The consistency of our products empower both recreational and medicinal connoisseurs with the ability to grow premium-quality cannabis from the comfort of their own homes or commercial operations.


Ever since our first steps as a seedbank, our philosophy on three simple building blocks.



Following the introdution of feminized seeds, Dutch Passion has worked hard to make cannabis cultivation easier, faster and more rewarding. The basis for all this effort is high-calibre cannabis genetics. These are bred and selected to produce premium genetics with highly repeatable, consistent results. The result for you is harvest after harvest with banging yields and top-shelf potency. 



Dutch Passion always aim to push the boundaries, looking for new cannabinoids and new terpenes. Trying new genetics and novel hybrids in the constant quest to improve harvest quality and ease-of-growth. R&D is engraved in our DNA, as is the relentless pursuit of perfection. When you buy Dutch Passion seeds, you are buying from one of the most experienced breeders in the world.



We understand that the cannabis cultivation journey is unique for each individual, and we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Our team is always available to offer expert advice, answer questions, and provide guidance to ensure you a succesful and rewarding experience. Whether you are a novice grower or a seasoned cultivator, we are here to nurture your passion!

Dutch Passion Seed Company history timeline

 Henk van Dalen’s dream 

1970's: Henk van Dalen’s dream 1970's: Henk van Dalen’s dream 

In the 1970’s, Henk van Dalen, Dutch Passion’s founder, began collecting and growing the cannabis seeds which arrived from all corners of the world in weed shipments that were sold in Dutch coffee shops. His biology training at Amsterdam University sparked an interest. With enough effort (and science), Henk could create new strains with higher quality levels than the parent strains. He collected and bred the best cannabis genetics. As his reputation developed, the demand for his genetics and marijuana seeds grew.

 Officially established in Amsterdam 

1987: Officially established in Amsterdam1987: Officially established in Amsterdam

Interest in fine-quality marijuana seeds continued to grow and Henk formally established Dutch Passion in 1987. Demand increased as cannabis cultivation became more widespread. The many thousands of cannabis seeds collected from early (often heavily seeded) coffeeshop weed as well as gene-hunting trips proved priceless in later decades. Dutch Passion was one of just a handful of early cannabis seed pioneers.

 Feminized cannabis seeds invention 

1997: Feminized cannabis seeds invention1997: Feminized cannabis seeds invention

Many said it was impossible. But in 1997 Henk van Dalen created the world’s first feminized cannabis seeds. His scientific training indicated that if certain fruit/vegetable crops could be offered in feminized seed form then it could also be theoretically possible with cannabis. After a long research-project the first feminized cannabis seeds were released to a surprised but grateful cannabis community.

 Premium autoflower seeds pioneers  

2000: Premium autoflower seeds pioneers2000: Premium autoflower seeds pioneers

In the early 2000’s, Dutch Passion worked hand-in-hand with the Joint Doctor, who was largely credited with the original discovery of autoflowers. Early results were not ground-breaking - yields and potency were medium at best. But after many years of skilled breeding autoflower strains evolved from their medium-quality first generation results into the powerhouse 25%+ THC autoflower strains seen today.

 First stable CBD-rich cannabis seeds 

2010: First stable CBD-rich cannabis seeds2010: First stable CBD-rich cannabis seeds

CBD initially had very limited public/medical interest. But Dutch Passion partnered with the ‘CBD Crew’ to deliver the world’s first stable CBD-rich cannabis seeds. As interest in CBD grew, sales of CBD rich seeds also increased. Behind the scenes, the interest in CBD encouraged Dutch Passion to screen many of their original gene bank legacy strains for those rich in other unusual cannabinoids. 

 First THCV/CBG strains in the world  

2020: First THCV/CBG strains in the world2020: First THCV/CBG strains in the world

Taking advantage of their extensive archive of original genetics, as well as their expert breeding team, Dutch Passion were thrilled with another first in 2020. This time it was the release of the first stable strains rich in THCV and CBG. Both cannabinoids are of increasing interest to the medical community. Dutch Passion are immensely proud to be one of the few teams with the necessary breeding skills and genetic heritage to be able to offer such strains.

 Dutch Passion lands in the USA! 

2024: Dutch Passion lands in the USA!2024: Dutch Passion lands in the USA!

For the first time ever growers in the USA can order seeds from the Dutch Passion website and get them delivered to the USA! You can choose from the Dutch Passion collection of feminized seeds, autoflower seeds or regular seeds - around 50 different strains. Dutch Passion welcome American growers and look forward to serving you! If you want to enjoy some of the world’s best cannabis genetics direct from Europe’s top seed company the wait is finally over. 

Vision for the Future: innovation and accessibility

Vision for the Future: innovation and accessibilityVision for the Future: innovation and accessibility

Dutch Passion serves thousands of satisfied repeat growers in Europe with some of the most consistently high-performance cannabis strains available. Now growers in the USA can also buy their seeds directly from the Dutch Passion website and enjoy local, fast delivery. If you’ve never grown Dutch Passion seeds before then it’s never been easier to order them!


With nearly four decades of experience and 90+ cannabis cups you are assured of premium quality cannabis genetics no matter which seeds you grow. Trust Dutch Passion for your next seed purchase and take your harvests to the next level!

All products listed on Dutch Passion USA contain 0.3% THC Delta-9 or less. You can find the lab results for all our products here. No statements on this website have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Furthermore, all products sold are not intended to be used for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease. Our seeds should be kept as collectible souvenirs by anyone located in an area where cultivation of cannabis is not legal.

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