Power Plant

Power Plant
Original South African Power Plant
Feminized, Regular
8 weeks
Prize Winner

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Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds highlights

  • Power Plant is an easy plant to grow. Ideal for beginners but also interesting for experts looking to beat their current record yields.
  • This variety has been developed to provide growers with the greatest possible yield. After more than 2 decades, this Sativa dominant hybrid has gained an indisputable reputation for its XXL yields and relatively short flowering time.
  • Power Plant is a fast flowering Sativa with a unique and recognisable aroma, a strong taste and a very energetic and creative up-high. Her buds grow big and long, they are full of sticky resin.
  • This classic is suitable for any type of grower, growing method, grow medium and growing conditions. It is a true all-rounder with high potency and an exceptional yield.

Power Plant is, alongside White Widow, one of Dutch Passion's best known varieties. Introduced in 1997, she quickly grew into a variety that every coffee shop wanted on their menu. The genetics of this strain originate from South Africa and are very stable, with enormous growth potential. Our original Power Plant has only been backcrossed, never hybridized and only available from Dutch Passion. An original classic from Dutch Passion, robust, very powerful and with gigantic yields!

Power Plant has become a household name in the contemporary cannabis scene. Her exceptional vigor and excellent yield have convinced many growers of her class. This, together with her classic energetic and potent "up-high" ensures that she is a permanent item on the menu in almost every coffee shop in the Netherlands. It is also an easy plant to clone and thanks to these excellent properties Power Plant, together with White Widow and Amnesia Haze, is one of the most cultivated Dutch strains of all time.

Power Plant cannabinoid and terpene profile


The percentages displayed with the terpenes indicate the ratio in which the terpenes were found in this variety. Learn more about terpenes.

Power Plant cannabis cups

Year Cannabis cup Category
Copas de los Andes Outdoor
First prize
Lift Expo Canada
First prize
Lift Expo Canada
Third prize
Prairie Medicinal
Second prize

Power Plant is an easy to grow cannabis strain with vigorous growth and exceptional yield

Power Plant is a fast flowering Sativa like no other. It is a very easy variety to grow, this is backed up by lots of positive customer feedback. It is therefore an ideal strain for the new grower. Even in the hands of a beginner, Power Plant will be able to produce a large yield. In the hands of an expert, very exceptional yields are possible in a relatively short average flowering time of 9 weeks.

She grows incredibly fast and vigorously during both the growth and flowering phase. This is a plant that is very tolerant of fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Due to her unique genetic background, she can withstand many different climatic conditions, which makes her ideal for a beginner. Crushing, bending and ‘supercropping’ are different growing techniques that are all possible. With this strain it is really a breeze to achieve a fat yield!

During the flowering phase this strain can stretch considerably, 200-300% stretching is the rule rather than the exception. This large stretch makes her the ideal lady for a SCROG grow. This makes shorter veg periods possible. In addition, it is also possible to put her directly on 12/12 after germination. That also makes her a very suitable plant for an extremely fast SOG cultivation. Her internode distance is short to medium which means she can produce very long well-stacked blooms. The generally long blooms, of about 30-50cm, have thin Sativa leaves and a very favorable flower-to-ratio.

The genetics used for Power Plant guarantee the following properties:

  • A large robust plant that can take a beating.
  • A plant with long, full buds with a very high yield.
  • The flowers smell very pungent, Power Plant has a strong terpene profile and a wonderful up-high.

Power Plant is the perfect candidate if you are looking for a variety with a bumper harvest which does not require any special attention.

Power Plant cannabis seeds flowering time

Despite the considerable stretch she flowers quite quickly. On average the flowering time is around 8-9 weeks. However, there are also some long flowering phenotypes that take about 10-11 weeks. An unstable environment can also cause her to take just a little longer to ripen completely. As mentioned before, the strain grows very fast, she has a large stretch after switching the clock to 12/12. This makes her a suitable candidate to grow directly from seed in 12/12 lighting conditions.

Plants then grow to an average height of 75-125 cm. Her stretch lasts for about 3 to (maximum) 4 weeks and the first flowering hairs can already appear during week 3. This rapid development ensures that Power Plant can also be harvested relatively quickly. So for a classic Sativa dominant strain, she is much faster than most comparable strains available.

Power Plant cannabis seeds average yield

It is a fast flowering sativa with a very large yield (500-600 grams/m²) and an intense high. Power Plant is very stable with enormous growth potential. She received her XXL rating for good reasons, even beginners can achieve very good yields with this strain.

In the hands of a connoisseur, Power Plant will be able to deliver extremely high yields of between 600-750g/m². Outside, Power Plant can grow into a true monster and several kilograms per plant are possible. Early flowering phenotypes can also thrive in temperate climates, but dry and warm climates are advised.

There is currently plenty of choice in high quality, THC-rich cannabis seeds. But most of these strains are only medium yielders and some offer downright small yields. Power Plant is a strain developed for home growers and licensed producers looking for the highest possible yield.

Power Plant cannabinoid and terpene profile

Power Plant has large buds with a relatively short internode distance, so they can become quite long stacked ‘colas'. The buds smell floral, woody, spicy and earthy. It is a pungent scent that you as a grower should definitely prepare for, new filters are recommended.

Beyond these few most recognisable aromas, there are also more subtle floral notes of lilies and soft vanilla notes. It is a unique and complex fragrance that is sure to stay with you. Her taste is woody, spicy and pungent, you will absolutely enjoy the intense flavor of these original Sativa genetics.

Power Plant cannabis strain effects

It is a THC rich variety with a complex aroma and a great ‘up-high’. Power Plant is uniform and has a very mild smoke. The Sativa dominant genetics give the user a positive, feel-good high. Her effect is super strong and hits very quickly! The high usually starts with a euphoric and energizing effect. It's a strain that can give you the ‘munchies' (an appetite boost), so don't be too surprised if you're going on multiple trips to the fridge.

Eventually the high transforms into a more relaxed feeling with which you can rest on the couch, listen to music or just relax. This is also a great strain for social occasions. Make sure you have enough drinks because it will give you a dry mouth. It's a strong Sativa high with a creative vibe and an anti-anxiety effect that can last for several hours.

Expert cannabis grower tips for Power Plant

With most strains a complete optimisation of the growing conditions is required to achieve a very high yield. With Power Plant, this XXL yield is more the standard. Power Plant is a strain that can handle all types of growing conditions and all types of growing methods. She does well in a SOG (whether or not on 12/12 from seed) and in a SCROG she excels. Her many branches, good elongation and long flowers with only thin slender leaves make her ideal for this growing method.

Keep in mind that only about half of your SCROG net needs to be filled before you put the plants into bloom. She will fill the net in no time! Supercropping, snapping and bending is recommended to control outliers. If you like mega long buds and a big yield, we recommend that you give Power Plant seeds a try!

 Power Plant data sheet

Feminized cannabis seeds Strain type: Feminized / Regular
Classic cannabis strain Family: Classics
Lineage Lineage: Original South African Power Plant
Sativa cannabis seeds Genetics: Sativa
Cannabis cup winner Cannabis cups: 4x (2016, 2016, 2016, 2019)
Grow environment Environment: Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Plant height Plant height:
Very tall
Flowering time Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Plant yield Yield:
THC content THC level: Very high (15-20%)
Terpenes Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene, B-Myrcene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool
Taste Taste: Piney, peppery, sweet, fruity
Cerebral effects Effects: Head high


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