GMO Fast

GMO Fast
(Garlic Cookies x Think Fast)
USA Special
7 - 8 weeks
Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Extremely high

GMO Fast feminized cannabis seeds highlights

GMO Fast is a so-called ‘fast’ feminized seed version of the Garlic Cookies strain, sometimes known as GMO (Garlic Cookies). Our search for a super potent and pungent GMO strain led us to create this unique fast cultivar. For this, the Dutch Passion geneticists used a very potent GMO clone that was crossed with our classic Think Fast strain.

The result is a fast, stable and very potent photoperiod cannabis seed variety with a completely game-changing terpene profile. Most GMO Fast plants have the unmistakable and unique savory, onion/garlic aroma profile. The THC levels of this feminized cannabis seed variety are very high and will usually be around/above 20%. 

Initial lab results indicated THC levels of around 22-23%. And all that in a very rapid flowering period thanks to the recessive (‘fast’) autoflowering genetics. When grown indoors, she will be ready for harvest around 7-8 weeks after flipping the cannabis light cycle to 12/12.

In an outdoor grow, she is more than capable even in temperate climates. In a temperate outdoor environment in the Northern Hemisphere, you can harvest in September (March in the Southern Hemisphere). This makes her particularly suitable for guerrilla/outdoor growers with short growing seasons and a difficult climate that quickly becomes cold/wet.

GMO Fast independent lab-test results

GMO Fast cannabinoid and terpene profile


The percentages displayed with the terpenes indicate the ratio in which the terpenes were found in this variety. Learn more about terpenes.

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