Original Euforia Skunk
Skunk Family
Feminized, Regular
8 weeks
Very high
Prize Winner

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Euforia regular cannabis seeds highlights

  • Euforia is a cannabis cup winning Skunk classic, this strain has been a bestseller in the Dutch Passion seed collection for decades.
  • She has become world famous for her powerful euphoric up-high. Her potent resinous buds have a high THC content of up to 20%
  • If you are looking for stable, robust and high yielding Skunk genetics that are easy to grow, Euforia is the way to go.
  • Euforia has an average flowering time of around 8 weeks and has a complex and mainly pungent terpene profile, her buds are very aromatic with great flavor.

Euforia is a Sativa-dominant strain discovered in the 1990s during a Skunk selection program. She initially stood out for her long resin-soaked buds and good yields. After testing the samples, her unique euphoric high came into the picture. In addition, it is known that her powerful up-high can last for a long time.

Euforia has been specially chosen for her unique euphoric high, for many users it is one-of-a-kind and exquisitely pleasurable. The euphoric, stress-beating feeling is still one of the most appreciated features of Euforia. It is truly a beautiful Skunk selection that was developed in 1996, from which Skunk # 1, Orange Bud and Skunk # 11 have emerged.

Euforia is a real 'sticky' Skunk with a potent effect. The THC-rich buds are easily appreciated by fans of strong Skunk genetics. The clear, energetic and euphoric high is what gives this strain her name. This high is responsible for nothing less than 4 cannabis cups.

Euforia cannabinoid profile


Euforia cannabis cups

Year Cannabis cup Category
Copa Chami
Outdoor Third prize
HighLife Cup Hydro
First prize
HighLife Cup Sativa
Second prize
2000 High Times
First prize


Euforia is a robust Skunk strain that is easy to grow, high yields can be achieved both indoors and outdoors and in greenhouses

Euforia is an award-winning high quality Skunk that is easy to grow. This Sativa dominant strain produces a full and strong aroma, the buds are sticky and can really smell! The yield is high and the THC levels are also high, around 20% when grown in the right conditions.

She has a nice bag appeal and a powerful euphoric high.Because of this unique up-high, the name Euforia was chosen, 25 years after its introduction she is still a bestseller. This strain has a very good reputation and a large repeat customer base. She is incredibly strong and robust, she can be grown in many different conditions.

This makes her ideal for novice growers or growers looking for a stable strain to grow alongside other varieties. In addition to indoor cultivation, Euforia will also thrive in warm climates and is also very suitable for cultivation in greenhouses. Euforia has a Sativa-dominant plant structure and therefore wants to grow in height and width. She gets strong, long branches that become full of long fused flowers. The buds get really big and chunky.

These resin-infused buds are very sticky to the touch. Due to the long heavy buds it is recommended to give the plants some support towards the end of the flowering phase. Flowers as long as your arm are no exception with this strain! The plant is easy to clone and is also excellent as a mother plant.

She can stretch considerably during the flowering phase and is suitable for both SOG and SCROG growers. Her internode distance is short to medium and she can be grown using a variety of breeding techniques. Topping/fimming, bending, snapping, super cropping, anything is possible with this lady!

The genetics used for Euforia guarantee the following properties:

  • A very robust Sativa-dominant Skunk with a great euphoric up-high
  • Plants with vigorous growth that can take a beating
  • Euforia combines high potency with a high yield, this unique Skunk is also easy to grow and thrives in many different conditions

Euforia has a pungent and complex terpene profile, both aroma and taste are very skunky and the high THC level of around 20% ensures that even the most experienced smokers will be impressed by the potency of this strain.

Euforia cannabis seeds flowering time

Euforia is a fast flowering Sativa dominant hybrid. Normally the flowering time takes about 8-9 weeks. However, there are also phenotypes that could take just an extra week to mature completely. Be sure to give the plants the time they need because during the last few weeks, the buds will thicken enormously!

Outdoors at Dutch latitude, she will be ready approximately by the end of October or the beginning of November. This makes her a little less suitable for outdoor cultivation in moderate climates. However, she can be successfully grown outdoors in the Mediterranean area. Plants there are on average between 2-3 m high and will be ready for harvest in early / mid-October. Euforia also does very well in greenhouses and in poly tunnels, which also produce excellent yields.

Euforia cannabis seeds average yield

Euforia is a strong and stable variety with a high potential yield. Generous harvests of between 400-600g /m2 are possible on average. She does well on (organic) soil, on coco-fiber or in a hydro system. Organic soil and nutrition is recommended if you are looking for the most pungent aroma and flavor.

Outdoors (or in a greenhouse / polytunnel) in a warm and sunny climate, Euforia can grow into a true monster, especially with sufficient vegetative growth. Plants taller than 3.5 m are the rule rather than the exception. This is a plant that can grow really vigorously, ideal for growers with a lot of space. Grow her either in a large smart pot or in the ground.

For both indoor and outdoor cultivation, it is recommended to support the buds towards the end of the flowering phase. This benefits the yield.

Euforia cannabinoid and terpene profile

Euforia is a very special Sativa dominant Skunk with a pleasant and euphoric high. In addition to her powerful effect, Euforia also delivers solid yields of the highest quality. Its thick resin layer is very sticky and the flowers give off a pungent, strong scent. Keep this in mind during the cultivation because the aroma is really very strong! This THC-rich Skunk is known for a high cannabinoid profile with THC levels reaching up to 20%.

Euforia is a true Skunk classic to love! This unique Skunk selection from the 90s is loved for its very euphoric "up high" and excellent terpene profile. Her aroma, as with many original Skunk varieties, is incredibly strong and pungent. The pungent odor is so strong that a zip lock bag simply cannot control it.

She smells incredibly spicy with heavy earthy Skunk notes that will soon penetrate through your bag! She has a complex terpene profile with fruity notes of citrus and pine, but the more woody notes are also present in some phenotypes.

The taste is fresh, very skunky but not as sweet as our other Skunk selections. Our customers also typically say it is a Skunky flavor that is accompanied by citrus, herbs, earth and pine. For the gourmets among us, there are sometimes even notes of cinnamon, vanilla and caramel to discover, yummy!

Euforia cannabis strain effects

Euforia produces a euphoric high and is one of the favorites of the Dutch Passion team. Thanks to the high THC percentages of around 20% and high yields, this is a fantastic variety to grow. The high is precisely what you would expect from a Sativa-dominant variety, a full-bodied euphoric up-high that energizes you and lets you fly! She can give you a pleasant, happy and very clear high. It is not a couch potato at all.

The effect is less physical but more mental. Due to its high THC content, the high is powerful and lasts a long time. Sativa enthusiasts will love the intoxicating effect! It is a wonderful smoke, ideal for relaxing and refueling after a stressful week. Can be smoked both in the morning and during the day.

Its uplifting effect stimulates creativity and ensures that you can dream away. The sense of time changes and it will bring you into a wonderfully relaxed intoxication. Euforia has a strong head-high, ideal for Sativa connoisseurs!

Expert cannabis grower tips for Euforia

Euforia is an easy-to-grow photoperiod cannabis strain that we can recommend for beginners. It is especially important for novice growers to take it easy with the nutritional dosage in the beginning. Start gradually, err on the side of caution and try to give a little less than the nutrient chart suggests. Sativa strains generally do not like a strong diet, especially in the early stages.

If you work with many plants on a m2, for example in a SOG culture, only short pre-growth (vegetative growth) periods are required. If you work with fewer plants per m2, she loves to be in a large pot and grown in a SCROG.

Keep in mind that this strain was originally for indoor cultivation. However, over the years we have had several growers in various warm countries who have successfully grown Euforia outdoors. In sunny places with a dry climate, such as southern France, Spain, southern Italy and Greece, Euforia can thrive and provide you with a large, potent harvest.

 Euforia data sheet

Feminized cannabis seeds Strain type: Feminized / Regular
Skunk cannabis strain Family: Skunk Family
Lineage Lineage: Euforia Skunk
Sativa cannabis seeds Genetics: Sativa
Cannabis cup winner Cannabis cups: 4x (2000, 2002, 2002, 2023)
Grow environment Environment: Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Plant height Plant height:
Flowering time Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Plant yield Yield:
THC content THC level: Extremely high (>20%)
Taste Taste: Herbal, piney, fuel, earthy
Hybrid effects Effects: Hybrid high


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