Auto Oh My Gusher

Auto Oh My Gusher
((Gusher: Triangle Kush x Gelato) x Auto Brooklyn Sunrise)
USA Special
10 - 12 weeks
Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Very high

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Auto Oh My Gusher cannabis seeds highlights

Have you ever seen a cannabis plant that looks and smells so incredible that it completely blows you away? Auto Oh My Gusher is our latest USA autoflower strain that will leave a big impression. She has the looks, the aroma and the taste you are looking for!

With her photoperiod genetic line originating from the Cookie line (Gelato) crossed with a Triangle Kush this lady packs a serious punch! We crossed this sought-after USA clone with our USA classic Auto Brooklyn Sunrise.
The result is a breathtaking powerhouse that always knows how to produce grade A+ quality cannabis. These Auto Oh My Gusher autoflower seeds produce compact-to-medium sized plants with strong stems and very compact buds.

The frosty flowers have a good calyx-to-leaf ratio, she is therefore easy to trim and the flowers can put a lot of weight on the scale. Furthermore, she is undemanding to grow and fast flowering with an average autoflower seed to harvest time of around 10 weeks.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grower looking for an auto strain to impress your friends, this should be in your growroom next!

Auto Oh My Gusher cannabinoid and terpene profile


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