Auto Daiquiri Lime

Auto Daiquiri Lime
Californian Orange X USA Sour Diesel

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Auto Daiquiri Lime cannabis seeds highlights

  • Auto Daiquiri Lime is an easy to grow autoflower variety with an extremely high yield. Ideal for both beginners and experts.

  • It is a Sativa dominant USA autoflower strain with sturdy branches and big buds. Auto Daiquiri Lime grows with great vigor and strength!

  • Are you looking for an autoflower with a sour, fresh fruity scent and taste? Then Auto Daiquiri Lime is the perfect autoflower for you. Expect a mouth-watering diesel and citrus dominant terpene profile!

  • If you are a fan of high yielding sativa strains with a pleasant, energetic uplifting effect then this Dutch Passion auto is exactly what you are looking for.

Auto Daiquiri Lime is based on a unique Californian Orange clone with a sharp, lime-like citrus flavor. This was then crossed with a resin-rich, elite clone of the American Sour Diesel. We made the autoflowering Auto Daiquiri Lime from this cross. This plant combines the power of the Dutch Passion autoflower with an unusually rich, fruity/diesel-like aroma and a fresh tart flavor. It is a Sativa-dominant auto with a high THC level and a lot of resin on the buds, ideal for making cannabis oil or concentrates.

Auto Daiquiri Lime is a large autoflower with strong vigor. These will certainly not be small autoflowers! Ideal for all types of growers looking for an autoflower with a very high yield. She usually develops many blooms on long side branches and a large central main flower. If you have restricted growing height, you can top her early in the growth phase to give her even more width or use a SCROG net. This is one of the few autoflowers that also thrives very well in a SCROG cultivation, partly due to its extended, long flexible branches and slender leaves with very thin fingers.

Auto Daiquiri Lime cannabinoid and terpene profile


The percentages displayed with the terpenes indicate the ratio in which the terpenes were found in this variety. Learn more about terpenes.

Auto Daiquiri Lime produces strong plants with a good yield and very potent weed

Auto Daiquiri Lime is a Dutch Passion autoflower with USA genetics. It's a tough, high-yielding strain with THC-rich buds and is easy to grow. An auto that we can recommend even for novice growers. The only thing to consider is the fact that this will not be a small autoflower. So make sure you have enough space, light, food and water and you will be richly rewarded whether or not you have experience growing cannabis!

This variety can be grown in all the different types of media be it soil, coco fiber, hydro or aero. She is also suitable for all types of growth techniques. You can grow Auto Daiquiri Lime in a SOG, SCROG or naturally. ‘Crop’, ‘super crop’, bend, snap, top, fimming, defoliation, literally anything is possible with this lady! That makes her ideal for all types of growers, from first timers to expert growers. The buds of Auto Daiquiri Lime can grow very long with a short internode distance, which makes for extra high yields. Sativa-dominant blooms of 30-40 cm are no exception.

Auto Daiquiri Lime can be grown both indoors and outdoors. This autoflower needs about 10-11 weeks to ripen in the most favorable conditions. Although there are more Sativa-dominant phenotypes that also take 12 to 13 weeks to be ready for harvest. In an outdoor grow, it is best to assume 13-15 weeks in a moderate climate. In a sunny, dry Mediterranean climate, she can be ready in 11-12 weeks. This auto grows longer before blooming than most other autoflowers in our collection. In general, this will be somewhere between weeks 6-9, depending on the circumstances.

The plant structure can best be described as large. The internode distance is short to medium. The vigorous stretch and final height makes her one of the largest autoflowers you can find today.

The genetics used for Auto Daiquiri Lime guarantee the following properties:

  • An easy to grow autoflower, suitable for any type of grower and all different types of growing methods.
  • Large plants with a very high yield.
  • Long, dense buds with a thick resin coating and a uniquely sour, fruity diesel-dominant terpene profile.

Auto Daiquiri Lime usually has the typical Dutch Passion autoflower structure, with a sturdy heavy main bloom surrounded by many long thick side blooms. In optimal conditions and sufficient light, this auto provides excellent yields.

Auto Daiquiri Lime cannabis seed to harvest time

Auto Daiquiri Lime is ready to harvest in the most favorable cases around 10 to 11 weeks after germination and prefers a light feeding regime. When the conditions are not quite perfect, she usually takes 12-13 weeks to finish blooming. This applies to both outdoor and indoor cultivation. It is one of the largest autoflowers in our collection and will reach an average height of between 75-100 cm, provided it is grown in a large container (20-30 liters) and with sufficient light.

There are also a number of longer flowering phenotypes to discover, which can become real monsters. Plants of 125-150 cm are then possible, but these phenotypes usually need around another 2 weeks to fully ripen. However, these larger plants can provide extremely high yields, so they are well worth the wait! Auto Daiquiri Lime can grow longer than most autos. This means that flowering starts later and the flower hairs also appear later. Be patient and treat her with love!

Auto Daiquiri Lime cannabis seeds average yield

Auto Daiquiri Lime has an XXL marking for all the right reasons! It is one of the few autoflowers in our collection with a heavy XXL yield. This means she can deliver truly exceptional returns. Several hundred grams per plant are the rule rather than the exception. Half a kg of dry buds from one well-groomed cannabis plant is therefore quite possible. Make sure you always have a large container and enough light, otherwise she will not be able to reach this potential.

Grown indoors under the right conditions, this strain can yield between 500-550g/m². When grown by an experienced grower, yields of over 600+ g/m² are possible, even from one single plant! Outdoors she can also provide good yields and on average this will be between 50-150g per plant. This of course also strongly depends on the climate and the number of hours of sunshine per day.

Auto Daiquiri Lime cannabinoid and terpene profile

Auto Daiquiri Lime is known for its citrus-dominant terpene profile which smells mainly of citrus fruit with fresh notes of lemon, lime and orange. Most phenotypes also show notes of diesel and petrol at the same time, which makes this USA autoflower unique and delicious!

In terms of taste, she is also mainly on the fresh/fruity side, which can sometimes tingle in the throat during smoking. The typically light green buds are filled with a thick layer of sticky resin. These smell quite pungent both during the flowering phase and after drying. As most diesel strains enthusiasts know, these strains can have a strong pungent odor.

Auto Daiquiri Lime cannabis strain effects

Auto Daiquiri Lime is a Sativa-dominant autoflower with a very pleasant, energetic and powerful up-high. It is certainly not a couch potato strain! The high hits quickly and is long-lasting. It is the perfect strain for those looking for an uplifting effect. She has a strong head high with mainly energetic and euphoric effects. The ultimate strain to smoke during the day or during the evening if you have enough time and don't want to lie in bed yet.

This strain is known for a euphoric high that can sometimes make you very focused or creative. But if you smoke a little more, it can also provide a good laughing session. It is the ideal autoflower strain for people who like to get out and about when they smoke cannabis, be it hiking in nature, cycling/mountain biking or even snowboarding/skiing on a mountain with fresh snow. Nothing is too crazy! Auto Daiquiri Lime is a powerful auto strain with a high yield, a high THC content and an excellent taste.

Expert cannabis grower tips for Auto Daiquiri Lime

Do you really want to achieve the highest possible yield? Then we have some tips for you. Start with a large pot if you grow in soil/coco fiber. A 25-30 liter container already ensures a larger autoflower with a higher yield, but for the largest autoflowers we recommend a pot of around 40-50 L. Preferably an airpot, smartpot or rootpouch because of the high root oxygenation levels and ‘air-pruning' in these containers. If you grow her in a hydro system, a 25 liter bucket will usually be OK.

In addition, it is strongly recommended to build up the nutrition slowly and gradually because this strain does not like to suddenly receive high nutritional doses. Another tip is to use strong light, without causing excessively high temperatures at the same time. This is why high quality LED lighting delivers very best results for this strain! In good conditions, this autoflower produces a large dominant main bloom and many thick side blooms, each of which can weigh between 10-30 g dry. If you are looking for an autoflowering strain that will give you a very high yield of THC rich bud with just a few plants, Auto Daiquiri Lime is the way to go.

This variety is intended for growers looking for extreme ‘USA-style’ XXL yields with fast growth and abundant flowering. Big, fast and easy. Easy enough for a novice grower. Auto Daiquiri Lime was created from top quality original USA genetics with a fruity sour taste and a pleasant up-high.

 Auto Daiquiri Lime data sheet

Autoflower cannabis seeds Strain type: Autoflower
USA Special cannabis strain Family: USA Special
Lineage: Californian Orange X USA Sour Diesel
Sativa cannabis seeds Genetics: Sativa
Grow environment Environment: Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
Plant height Plant height:
Very tall
Flowering time Flowering time: 12 weeks
Plant yield Yield:
THC content THC level: Very high (15-20%)
Terpenes Terpenes: Limonene, A-Pinene, Ocimene, B-Pinene, Linalool
Taste Taste: Sour, fuel, fruity
Cerebral effects Effects: Head high
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